Unlike most events ENERGYx2020/21 is not held in a windowless exhibition centre and is taking place in a Marquee Village with excellent ventilation, and in an outdoor setting. Subsequently we are using the honour system for visitors and asking anyone who is feeling unwell or if they have a temperature to stay at home. We have large walkways so there will be no overcrowding and foot activated hand sanitisers strategically placed around the venue.

The Office of National Statistics estimated in August that 94.1% of the population have antibodies to COVID-19 through vaccination or prior infection, however some of our visitors will undoubtedly be a little nervous so we are asking everyone to keep this in mind.

Our safety policies are based on our key cornerstones to provide you with assurance and confidence the events will run in a safe environment.

Cleaning and Hygiene

Ventilation – The event is being held in a very well aired Marquee Village and Outdoor setting.

Enhanced Cleaning – The Cleaning Team will be operating ensuring all touch points and seating areas are regularly wiped with chlorine-based cleaning fluid.

Bathrooms – All bathrooms will be checked and maintained by a dedicated team of cleaners and will manage queuing to use the facilities.

Hand Sanitiser – Dispensers will be provided throughout.

Hand Washing – Reminders to regularly wash hands will be in place.

Food & Beverage – Food preparation areas will be regularly inspected and the usual cleaning procedures you would expect will be in place.

Physical Distancing

Queuing – Any areas where queuing is required will be managed with signage and floor markings.

Minimise Queuing – All attendees will need to pre-register to attend.

Badges – The main bottleneck area where social distancing can be an issue at events is registration, so we have invested in a rapid ticketing system that requires no human interaction.

Seating – Public seating will be adequately spaced.

Aisles – Are sufficient spaced to prevent overcrowding.


With NET ZERO in mind our aim is to encourage everybody attending the event to leave the car at home, however some vulnerable attendees may wish to use their cars.

Bus – Chester has an approved service to ensure social distancing when travelling to the Racecourse.

FREE Parking – Chester Racecourse has 600 free visitor parking spaces.

Walking – Chester Racecourse is a short 10 min walk from Chester Mainline Station.


Finally, as much as we want to see you join us, we kindly ask you to respect everyone’s health and safety. If you feel at all ill – including mild cold symptoms or a high temperature – please stay at home.

Hand Sanitizer Dispenser