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U Booth Stand
U Booth Stand

We have teamed up with TRIGA® to offer exhibitors at ENERGYx2020/21 the opportunity to rent a display frame and purchase bespoke branded graphics at an amazing price which will be set up for you and ready to go.

  1. TRIGA® Hardware display frame rental at an exclusive ENERGYx2020/21 price.
  2. Graphics are purchased not hired, so you can use them again and again, all you must do is complete an easy-to-use template that we will provide you with and then we will do the rest.
  3. For those who exhibit at lots of events we have a fantastic option available for you to purchase the hardware display frame after ENERGYx2020/21 (within 30 days) and get your full display frame rental costs back against the purchase price.
  4. This exclusive offer comes with a FREE Setup and Dismantling service at ENERGYx2020/21 meaning no concerns about transporting or setting up your stand, just turn up and it’s ready to go.
  5. Free use of a branded (with your company logo) TRIGA® Flow Sanitizer Dispenser for clients to use on your stand.
  6. Orders accepted up to 21 days before the event set up date of 5 July 2021.

Click here to find out more about Triga Display Systems.

Flat Walls

2m(w) WallHardware display frame Rental Price£289
Graphic Price£310
3m(w) WallHardware display frame Rental Price£307
Graphic Price£392
Flat Wall Stand
Flat Wall Stand

L Booths

3m(w) x 2m(d) L BoothHardware display frame Rental Price£579
Graphic Price£620
3m(w) x 3m(d) L BoothHardware display frame Rental Price£510
Graphic Price£789
L Booth Stand
L Booth Stand

U Booths

3m(w) x 2m(d) U BoothHardware display frame Rental Price£748
Graphic Price£851
3m(w) x 3m(d) U BoothHardware display frame Rental Price£730
Graphic Price£969
U Booth Stand
U Booth Stand

Optional Extras below can be provided please email events@energynetworkevents.com if you are interested:

LCD TV Mounts
LCD Stand
Desks & Counters
Leaflet Dispensers
Brochure Dispenser